Who are the NovoAmbassadors?

NovoAmbassadors are educators that are interested in fostering change through the use of digital collaboration in their classrooms. Recognized for their background of technology usage and integration, these teachers are the ones that are leading their schools and communities in pushing the boundaries of how students learn better when technology is involved. These passionate teachers are helping other educators through coaching, training, and modeling, NovoAmbassadors want to help adjust their pedagogy to incorporate new ways of instruction made available by technology. These professionals are not simply using technology to replace a component of their teaching; they are the leaders that realize they can go further through the use of the right technology tools.

They are the trendsetters and the explorers.


They are the NovoAmbassadors.


What is the NovoAmbassador Program?

The NovoAmbassador Program is a combined Grant/Customer Engagement program designed to identify and bring together digital educators that are wanting to further their own skill development as well as to help other educators engage more fully with their students and curriculum in the area of Digital Collaboration. Through this program, we are seeking individual teachers that are willing to participate and share in the conversation of what Collaboration/Cooperation can look like by leveraging the power of technology in new and exciting ways.

As part of their participation, NovoAmbassadors will help the community by participating in forum discussions, helping create/curate/share original cooperative/collaborative lessons, provide industry and product feedback as well as serve as active ambassadors to other teachers to help bring their voice into the conversation.  To help facilitate these interactions and to jump-start this engagement, each NovoAmbassador will receive a NovoAssurED Bundle for their school to be used in their classroom.

NovoAmbassadors will be asked to pick 2 primary forms of engagement from the following:

Market and Product Advisory

Are you interested in helping shape the future offerings of the NovoAssurED bundle? Are you an early adopter that is looking for the latest and greatest innovations and are willing to work until you get them successfully implemented in your classroom? Do you have great ideas that would make the NovoAssurED bundle even better for your teachers and students, as well as other users across the country?

Content Curation and Creation

Have you created fantastic “model” lessons focusing on classroom collaboration?  Does the thought of helping others use the highest quality resources for their lessons interest you? Are you familiar with Common Core and could help guide others through the process of engaging their students with dynamic, multimedia rich lessons?

Peer Education and Training

Are you the go-to person for workshops and trainings in your school? Are you requested by other school districts to help their teachers learn about new teaching techniques and ideas? Do you enjoy working with adult learners and helping them reach their “ah-ha” moment with technology? Do you have experience with online learning as well as face to face environments?

Digital Education Research

Do you stay “plugged in” to the latest and greatest trends in education? Are you using your social media know-how to see the hottest software and hardware offerings before they hit your classroom? Are you a frequent reader of the blogs, magazines, or podcasts that impact your teaching and get you excited about what’s coming next?

Education Outreach and Advocacy

Do you like to present? Does being on-stage get your adrenaline pumping? Do you enjoy sharing your story with others? Perhaps you prefer writing instead of presenting on stage. Do you have your own blog? Do you use Twitter or Facebook to help share your views and successes with others around you locally, nationally, and globally?

Every NovoAssurED Bundle Includes:

  • NovoPro Wireless Presentation Hardware

  • NovoTeach Education Software Suite

  • NovoCommons Online Community and Support

  • NovoPassport Professional Development Portal

Ambassador Nomination

Do you know someone that would be a perfect fit to be an ambassador? We would love to get your nominations to help celebrate excellence in education. Please fill out the form below to generate a nomination email to the appropriate K-12 Classroom teacher.

If you have any questions, please refer them to: education@starin.biz

NovoAmbassador Application

Did you receive a nomination email or are you perhaps someone that has been referred to this website and would like to submit your application to become a NovoAmbassador? The only restrictions for consideration at this time is you must be a K-12 Classroom Teacher and you must teach within the United States or Canada.