What is the NovoAssurED Learning Program?

The NovoAssurED Program consists of 4 key tools:

  • NovoPro Wireless Streaming Device
  • NovoTeach Software 
  • NovoCommons Online Community and Resources
  • NovoPassport Online Professional Development Portal

The NovoAssurED Program mission is to provide teachers with easy-to-use superior technology and the support resources to provide their students with an engaging, digital learning experience.

When most of us begin using new technology, we often look for quick help instead of digging through a user manual. Teachers are no different. Manuals may explain how something works, yet they do not necessarily tell you how to work with it.

As a teacher, you may be accustomed to technology providers delivering new tools, providing a quick run-down on how to use it, and then walking away. If you do not have the opportunity to work with a new device immediately or frequently enough, you may not reach proficiency and familiarity.  As time goes on, perhaps you become discouraged.  Having nowhere to turn for quick help and being pressed for time, teachers may revert to what’s familiar-shelving the new technology.  In this digital age, we can’t afford to do that.  So, how can we make it easy? By giving you back the gift of time.

NovoAssurED is here to support the integration of 1:1 or BYOD wireless sharing technology into your classroom while promoting classroom collaboration in a previously impossible way.  Gaining greater student engagement with your digital lesson plans and having less work to do at the end of the classroom day is a key objective of the NovoAssurED program.  You will also have an effective library of professional development resources available to achieve that.

The NovoAssured learning mission is to provide teachers with easy-to-use technology and the training/support resources and community needed to provide their students with an engaging, digital learning experience.

NovoAssured Learning is a joint venture of Vivitek, a brand of Delta, Purdue University College of Education Learning Design Department and Starin Marketing.

Delta is a $7B Taiwan-based manufacturer of countless electronic systems, including power control for Tesla motors.  Their innovative NovoPro device serves as the robust teaching platform of the NovoAssured Learning program.  Starin Marketing is a market development company who quickly realized the incredible potential of the NovoPro, yet knew delivering a great device would only be half of the equation.  Calling upon Purdue’s learning experts to craft a professional development platform, ensures both quick implementation as well as long-term, successful adoption of the NovoPro.

How to join the collaborative teaching movement with the NovoAssurED Program

The NovoAssurED Collaboration Bundle is a 360 degree solution designed to help educators wirelessly share and collaborate with students in the classroom regardless of the make and model of the devices your school has purchased.

Made up of the NovoPro Hardware, NovoTeach Software tools, NovoCommons Teaching and Learning Community, and the NovoPassport Professional Development Portal, NovoAssurED not only provides a complete hardware and software solution to help promote digital collaboration in the classroom, but wraps it with the training, PD, support and resources to help schools be assured that their investment will be used effectively.

Whether you are an individual teacher, a school looking to pilot the program or if you are wanting to do a full-school or district implementation, NovoAssurED has the necessary tools to make sure teachers and students are successful.

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